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Windows of elegance and distinction in Gerrards Cross, Beaconsfield, Amersham and Chalfont Areas

Timber alternative windows have PVC frames with a number of wood-like features. These include the frame profile, finish, types of joint, hinges and handles


Many traditional timber windows are designed as a flush profile. This means the sashes, whether they are opening or fixed, all sit on the same plane level with the outer frame. This provides a sleek and elegant appearance

A flush profile is available with PVC frames to produce the same appearance


A woodgrain finish can be added to the PVC and this gives it a wood-like texture

Colour can also be added to emulate wood types such as rosewood and oak

These are factory finished with a foil added to the smooth PVC during the manufacturing process


The corner joints of the frame can be modified to emulate timber frames which are mechanically joined at 90 degrees

This provides an authentic timber-look, compared to standard PVC frames which are factory welded at 45 degrees


Modern windows have recessed hinges, integrated within the frame, so they are only exposed when the window is open

External butt hinges and internal stays can be added to provide a traditional mock timber look


A variety of handle types and finishes can be chosen to complete the timber effect. These include antique black monkey style, bulb and tear-drop shaped handles

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