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Create extra space in your entrance area with a custom built porch

Our custom built design offers a unique and personalized touch to your entrance area, making it stand out from the rest in Chalfont areas.

Not only does it provide useful extra space, but it also enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your entrance area.

The insulated concrete base with deep footings ensures durability and stability, providing a solid foundation for the structure.

The sides of the porch can be customised to your preferences, allowing for a combination of brickwork and double glazing to create the perfect balance of style and functionality.

Choose from a wide range of entrance door styles and colours to complement your overall design and match your personal taste.

Rest assured, our structure is not only visually appealing but also strong and secure, providing you with peace of mind.

The roof can be constructed of either glass or solid tiles, allowing for natural light to fill the space or providing a more traditional look and feel.

Additionally, you have the option to choose between a flat or ridged roof, with the possibility of hipped or gable ends, giving you the freedom to create the perfect architectural style for your entrance area.

  • Custom built design

  • Provides useful extra space in your entrance area

  • Insulated concrete base with deep footings

  • Sides can contain combination of brickwork and double glazing

  • Entrance door available in many styles and colours

  • Strong and secure structure

  • Roof can be constructed of glass or solid tiles

  • Roof shape can be flat or ridged with hipped or gable end

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